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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Collection 2000 Hot Looks Review

Every one's been raving about how good these are but in my opinion they are nothing special, the quality isn't consistent and they apply badly.
The brush is appalling and the main reason why these polishes suck, it's so wide and the bristles splay out on the side. It took me twice as long as it normally does to paint my nails and I wasn't pleased with the result.
The consistency is so thick that you need twice as much polish as you normally do to cover the whole nail, it's almost like the polish is drying on the brush not to mention that I got a whole lot of bubbles in my application.
It's labeled as fast drying and while it does start to dry on the brush during application it doesn't completely set for over an hour and that's with a fast drying top coat.
Yes some of the color are pretty, especially Dynasty but they are not worth bothering with. They are a cheap product and on this occasion you can tell.

Collection 2000 Dynasty


Collection 2000 Button Moon

Button Moon


  1. You've painted them on so well you wouldnt be able to tell. But thank you for the honest review!!!

  2. That's were the training comes in handy, I really would love to know why people rave about these polishes.