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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I'm NEVER EVER letting anyone cut my hair for me again!!!

Why is it when you go to the hair salon you ask your stylist for a certain cut and you never end up getting what you asked for?

Take today for example.

I had a booking at my usual salon for a cut and blow dry, my usual stylist has left so I booked in with the manager who is at the same level.
Her first step is my consultation, I tell her that my hair as gotten unmanageable and I have a lot of split end but also my fringe needs sorting out has it wont lie straight, sometimes it want to go to the right other times to the left, I ask her to cut it so it can wear it both sides. I also specify that I do not want my layers taken to short because I find them hard to manage that way.
She says no problem, she can cut me in a "switch" fringe, take a little of the layers but still keep it nice and long.

Well let me tell you it is probably the worst haircut I've ever had and I'm majorly pissed off, the only part of it that's okay is the blow dry and she didn't even do that part.

Although she hasn't taken that much of the overall length the layers are much shorter than what I asked for and the fringe is an absolute mess, the best way I can describe it is that it looks like a wedge. I cannot flip it from side to side because the one side is shorter and it has a gap when i wear it on that side, it's also far to thick and heavy and it's just sitting there in one big chunk.

I had it blow dried in big waves today but I know when I straighten it myself tomorrow it's gonna be even more noticeable, the fringe is gonna look even worse, the worst part is that I am trying to grow my hair and this feels like a huge step backwards.

I'm never letting anyone get near my hair again, I'd rather have dried damaged hair that is the shape I want it rather than have a healthy but wonky wedge cut.

Has anyone else had similar experience? What did you do to disguise the cut while it grows out? Do any of you cut your own hair?