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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Twilight Saga New Moon - My Thoughts on the Movie


I've really been looking forward to watching New Moon and finally got a chance to do so tonight and now that I have I'm a little disappointed.

Don't get me wrong I don't hate it but it just felt a little bit amateur, parts of it were clumsily done and I don't feel the director brought out the best in the actors.
In parts it was extremely cheesy (Alice's vision of Bella turning into a vampire for example) and a found myself, and most of the other viewers giggling at parts that were not meant to be funny.

Special effect were mixed, while the parts with the wolves were brilliantly executed and created a realistic vision of what a giant angry wolf should look like they seemed to struggle with the green screen in the more simpler scenes, whatch it and you'll know what I mean.
Sparkling Edward is back (didn't look good the first time and the second round is no better) and he's brought a friend who my sister like to call "Eggward".
This is probably the stupidest thing in the movie, in the fight with the Volturi Edwards gets slammed to the ground and his cheek forms a crack in it only for it to heal seconds later, I have one question, why? Skin that looks and feels like marble, check, skin that cracks and then magically seals itself back together, err no.

Last but not least the make-up, who the hell decided to make The Cullens look so scary? The super white foundation that kinda makes the look a little grey, the super red lips, and the freaky orange contacts they wear, it's like they looked at Twilight and kicked it up a notch and not in a good way.

Enough of the bad parts and on to the good parts.

The breakup scene was perfect, they really couldn't have done a better job, so were all the scenes with the wolves and the scene in the cinema.
Ashley Green's perfomance as Alice was spot on, (it always is) and Taylor Lautner was excellent as Jacob (and not just because he looks amazing).
The Volturi were just as I'd immagined them to be, very creepy and Jane is the scariest of them all.

All in all I prefer Twilight but I can't say I'm suprised, New Moon is also my least favourite book out of the saga but I was hoping the movie would change my mind.

One thing that did surprise me is that by the end of the movie I'd swapped teams, I've always very much been Team Edward all the way, I've read all 4 books and always felt Bella was better suited to him but having watched New Moon I've swapped my vote to Team Jacob.
So I'm gonna end this with a question.
Which team are you and as it changed after watching New Moon?


  1. Hi, I watched the movie on Saturday and here are my thoughts:
    - I was team Edward before but now I am team Jacob!
    - The make-up was awful, even worse than Twilight.
    - Yellow/Orange contacts look too scary, especially for Alice.
    - Jasper's hair is so ridiculous!!
    - Edward looks like he just finished spaghetti bolognese because of his red lips
    - The movie doesn't do justice to the books

    But.. Some scenes were really good as you said and I still enjoyed it because I like the actors and I like the story :-)

    Well done for your review! I agree completely to what you said :-)

  2. have just paid your invoice- thanks so much, darling! xxx

  3. I liked this movie but I think it was only becuase I am obessed with the books. I like the story so I can tolorate some bad parts of the movie. I am hoping Eclipse will be better and can't wait til ( if ) they do Breaking Dawn.
    Thanks for your review- it was really good.

  4. I didn't really rate it...I think I love the books too much and the transition into film could not possibly be as good! Jacob is so hot! xx

  5. I'm exactly the same as you - I was team Edward all through the books and in the first film, but after watching new moon I'm totally team Jacob! xx

  6. hi!
    im a newbie in blogger & happen to read this. I know this is so long ago but here's my comment.

    New moon is a boring movie even in the book is my least fav among all 4 (now 5) books.

    Make up on all look very bad & their hair OMG!! & i agree that the part where Alice's vision of Bella becomes a vampire makes me LOL

    the soundtrack also not that good..

    But i'm still Team Edward!!!