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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Tag-10 Random Facts

I got tagged by the lovely Visionary Beauty to do a 10 random facts tag.

1. I was born in Italy and lived there until I was 13 then I moved to the UK.
2. I can't swim! Actually I can't even float, so water and me = drowning.
3. I'm 25 yars old but people think I'm a lot younger.
4. My natural haircolor is dark blond but it's been dyed red for the past few month and despite the roots and eyebrows not matching people think it's natural.
5. My favourite movie of all time is Twilight.
6. I absolutely hate peppers, they are the vegatable from hell.
7. I'm a coffee addict and Starbucks makes my favourite which is a Caramel Macchiato.
8. I hate people who lie, cheat and steal.
9. My favourite place to go on holiday is Florida.
10. I don't drive and I've never even had one lesson.

I tag all of my followers.


  1. Great facts, I haven't seen the film Twilight, is that the one that has had a makeup collection brought out in aasociation with it ?