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Thursday, 17 September 2009

MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics,Nail TrendF/W09, Flirt With Fall & In High Def

For the past few month all MAC as done is dissapoint me. Every collection they have released as lacked originality on both the products and promo images, nothing seems to grab my attention and I don't get excited about the new releases anymore.

The 4 new latest collections are no acception and out of the 4 things I bought I'm regretting 3.

Make-Up Art Cosmetics - an incredibly large collection and the one that I hated the most, this one as been hyped up for month and for me it was a complete let down, a lot of the product just felt cheap and lacked pigmentation others were just plain boring.
The eye shadow quads are nice but nothing special, if your new to MAC they are a good investment as they are cheaper than buying 4 single shadows, In The Gallery
(the purple one) was my favourite but I have tons of similar colors so I passed.
The individual eye shadows have poor pigmentation and appear dusty, I have Violet Trance and Haunting from previous releases and never reach for them, the Technakohl Liners just look awful to me and I'd rather stick to my Urban Decay 24/7 pencils.
The lip products for me were just boring and safe and same goes for the cheek products.
The only thing that intrested me were the glitters and the pigments. I loved the look of the glitters, especially the Fuchsia and the Gold but I didn't get them, I very rerely use glitter so getting a full jar of those 2 would be a complete waste of money plus they aren't eye safe.
I got 3 of the pigments; Cocomotion which is a beautiful dirty gold shade and very wearable, Push The Edge which is a deep violet/purple shade and Brash & Bold which is a pink based red. Now while I actually do love Push The Edge and Brash & Bold I know I will never use them up as a little of these two goes a long way so I am regretting buying them, Cocomotion on the other hand will get a lot of use and it's the one item everyone should get.

Nail Trend F/W09 - not much to say about this one as I hete the formulation of MAC polishes as I find they go on streaky and chip easily. Cool Reserve is really pretty (and now sold out) but not worth the money so I will be looking for a dupe.

Flirt With Fall - a collection dedicated to false lashes none of which are very wearable. I like my fake lashes to look somewhat natural, full but a reasonable lenght, these were just to over the top for me so I passed.

In High Def - the nicest collection out of the 4, well for me anyways. Yes it's mainly made up of permanent products but those products certainly don't dissapoint, I absolutely love the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural face powder, Face & Body foundation is a fantastic product if you can find the right shade and I love both my 187 and 188 for applying cream blusher.
The lipsticks are the only limited edition products of this collection and I actually did like 3 of the 4 but only got Close To Real which I now also regret, not because I don't like it but more because it actually resembles GOSH Darling and I have enough back-ups of that to last me a while.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the honest review, I will have to check those collections in person rather than ordering online then...! xxx

  2. Yes definitely check them out in person otherwise you could well be very dissapointed, Cocomotion is honestly the only one I feel would work on everyone.