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Monday, 20 September 2010

Hauser Bears

Okay guys this is not my usual type of post, it's nothing beauty related but it's for an important cause and I urge you to keep reading.

Hauser Bears is a charity created to raise awareness of the suffering of bears worldwide.
It came about after the Hauser sisters visited India and witnessed the fate of the dancing bears, horrified they decided to set up a charity to help all bears and to educate people on these magnificent creatures so that they can start living a torture free life.

The only bears that I knew were in danger were the Polar Bear and the Panda Bear but I was completely oblivious as to how many species are in danger and the level of torture some of them go trough.
It was only after meeting one of the founders that I realised just how bad the situation really is and how poorly these beautiful animals get treated.

There are four threats to the bears and I'm gonna list them briefly below:

Bear Bile and Gallbladder: Widely used in traditional chinese medicine and used to cure a wide variety of ailments. The fact that there's now a synthetic equivalent available makes the need for bear bile completely redundant but this still doesn't stop some parts of Asia from surgically inserting an hole in the bears abdomen and inserting a tube in their gallbladder so that they can collect the bile on a daily basis.
The bears can live for years this way but they are in constant pain and are kept in cages that are barely big enough for them to move an inch.

Food and Pet Markets: In some parts of the world bear meat is considered to be a delicacy and sells for a high value, the front paws and back feet being the most expensive.
Poachers are also after live bear cubs to sell on the black market, the cubs are taken from their mothers, who are inevitably killed and more ofter than not the cubs die too because of shock or malnutrition before they are even sold.

Bears in Entertainment: Bear baiting shows still occour in some parts of Pakistan, the bear is tethered to a rope and fighting dogs are set on it, the fights are brief but both dogs and bear sustain injuries but the bears usually come out worse as the dogs will rip out their nose and mouth.
Bear dancing as been eradicated for the most part and the last lot of bears were rescued from India at the end of 2009.
In India the bears were also trained by means of a rope inserted in their nose, the hole is created by inserting an hot poker trough their snout.

Changing environment: Were all very aware that climate change is diminishing the polar bear population but widespread logging and pollutants in the water are causing a decrease in all bear population.

If you've read all the above you would have to agree that those bears are existing a life of pure torture and I'm absolutely shocked that anyone could put a living thing trough so much misery, it's cruel and disgusting and it needs to stop.

This is were we can all help, it's only going to get better if we spread the word, tell everyone you know about it, do a blog post, share it on twitter or facebook, if you can make a donation.
People need to know that this is happening for it to stop.

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