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Friday, 8 May 2009

GOSH Review

I forget how long GOSH as been available in the UK, I remember walking past the counter in Superdrug but never being seduced into trying anything.
The only reason I was persuaded to try the brand was thanks to lollipop26 on youtube as she raves about the whole range especially their Darling lipstick and I have to say I completely agree with her.
The quality is outstanding especially when you consider this is drugstore make-up were talking about, I would actually say some of their product are comparable to MAC but obviously less expensive.
The packaging is mostly black and very sleek looking and they carry everything you could possibly need to do a full face.

These are the things I own and what I think of them:

Velvet touch primer: basically a cheaper version of the Smashbox Photo Finish primer. It's silicone based so it makes you face smooth as glass, your foundation will just glide on and it does not break me out.

Velvet Touch Eye Liner: these are comparable to Urban Decays 24/7 pencils, they are so creamy and smooth they just glide on. I can't believe that I actually get a full days wear out of these without them smudging on me and they cost under £5.

On Stage Cool Lip Jam: this is becoming one my favourite glosses ever. I love the shade selection, the tube aplicator, the great fruit punch scent and the fact this is a sticky gloss so it lasts and lasts.
My favourite thing about it is it's very moisturising, I almost feel like I wanna use this as a lip treatment.
Shade #100 is absolutely gorgeous, it's essentially clear but it as this really cool blue duo chrome.

Lip Gloss: this is just a standard gloss with a doe foot applicator, the shade I got (#004) is very sheer but super shiny. It's not as sticky as the Lip Jam but still lasts moderately well and as no scent or taste which can sometimes be a good thing.

Soft'n Shine Lip Balm: another favourite, I have this in the shade Barbie and to be honest the name alone was reason enough to buy it. These are basically a tinted balm, they provide just the right amount of color, shine and moisture.

Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling: this is the only shade I've tried in the lipsticks and it's hands down my absolute favourite nude. Unlike MAC's Myth and Creme d'Nude, which have a peach undertone Darling has a pink undertone which I find far more flattering. The formula is perfect too it creamy, slighly glossy and it's not completely opaque so it's doesn't give you "corpse lips" and wash you out.
I have 3 of these now cause I have an irrational fear that they will discountinue it and also as soon as my local Superdrug as a dilivery they sell out the same day and they then take ages to restock it.

To be honest it's hard for me to say anything negative about the brand apart from the fact that it should be more readily available, I would love to see it go into department stores too as it would expose the brand to a whole new market.


  1. I am a totally fan too. I collect their effect powders. Love them!

  2. It's a real shame GOSH are not more well know they put out some exellent products.