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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Special Effects Hair Dye

This is just gonna be a quick overview and review on Special Effects hair dye.

Special Effects is a semi-permanent, brightly colored hair dye that last anything between 2 and 6 weeks, it's best used on pre-bleached hair to give the most vibrant results but can be used on dark hair to give a sheen.

Picture of my hair:


Anyone who as red hair knows how hard it is to keep this particular color vibrant as it tends to fade really fast, I find that when I have my hair dyed at the salon the vibrancy of the color last maybe 3 weeks then it fades to this dull peachy shade, this as nothing to do with the hair stylists who do my hair, they are amazing and I trust them completely.
The problem lies in the fact that professional salon hair dye isn't as strong as the Special Effects is at depositing color.
The way I use it is as a color refresher I already have my hair dyed red at the salon but I top it up in between appointments with either the shade Blood Red or Devilish.
Blood Red is a true cool red, Devilish is a cool toned pinky red, both work very well with my complexion.
They are very vibrant and noticeable, you will get a ton of people ask you about your color the best part is once it's on I don't have to re-do it for another 6-8 weeks which is great.
Now for the negatives, it doesn't contain peroxide so IT'S NOT GONNA LIGHTEN YOUR HAIR, it's deposit only so when it comes to doing your roots your gonna have to bleach before or I just get it re-dyed red at the salon which allows for my hair to absorb the Special Effects color.
Secondly it stain everything it comes into contact, your shower, towel, hands, neck, pillowcase and any light colored clothing luckily it does come off with scrubbing/washing.
All in all I highly recommend it if your looking for a long lasting, vibrant hair dye that won't damage your hair.

This is where you can get it from: the only place in the UK that sells it as far as I'm aware.

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