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Sunday, 9 August 2009

MAC Latest Releses Overview

MAC as launched 4 new collections this month and I can honestly say that not one of them is in any way particularly exciting, they are Euristocrats 2, Baby Bloom, Love That Look and Graphic Garden.
I think the trouble with MAC is they release far to many collection all at once that none of their latest products are unique enough to make me buy them, if your make up collection is smaller than mine you wouldn't have that problem but for me personally to many of the color overlap with ones I already have so they are not deemed as essential for me.
I had a chance to fully test the products on counter but out of the 4 collections I got one one item and that was the Studio Moisture Tint.

Euristocrats 2

Probably much more exciting to people in the US because in the UK we got the lipstick part of this release over a year ago and I can't say it really impressed me back then.
The lip pencils are all permanent and easily dupable with drugstore brands plus I much prefer the Cremestick version to the regular pencils.
The lipstick are all very plain and boring apart from Saint Germain which is a bright pastel pink and one of my all time favourites and as much as I love lip gloss, especially Dazzleglass I have to many that are similar to these that I had to pass however they are all very pretty.

Baby Bloom

A collection comprising of 5 tinted moisturisers and 5 liquid lip balms that been launched way to late in the summer (not that we've had one in the UK)to really appeal to the consumer.
The lip balm were being described as a liquid version of the Tendertones however they are nothing like them, I found them to be thick and sticky and with absolute zero pigmentation in contrast to the Tendertones which are soft and balm like, super moisturising and while sheer they still provide way more pigmentation than the Suntints.
At £10.50 each they aren't cheap and actually I would rather use a regular 99p chapstick than these any day.
The Studio Moisture Tint is nice but again probably not essential, I really like the feel of it cause it's thick and moisturising and simply glides on skin with minimal effort. The coverage is sheer and while I haven't yet tested it on my face I feel it would do a good job at evening out skin tone but you would still need concealer which is pretty much standard for tinted moisturisers.
On a negative it stinks, I don't know of what but it's not pleasant but it does fade out after a while.

Love That Look

The largest of the new releases, some of the shadows are worth checking out but again not particularly unique.
The brushes and mascara are permanent so no need to rush out and get those and the Pearlglide liners are just average, the reflective sparkle they supposed to have really doesn't show up that well and I found the didn't go on as smooth as my UD 24/7 liners.
Some of the shadow are pretty but I'm not keen on the finish, it's very soft and smooth easy to blend and the pigmentation is great but they are a little to frosty for me, even more so than MAC Frost and Veluxe Pearl formula.
Having said that I'm tempted to go back for Smoke and Diamonds and Style Snob as I love those sort of shades but I do wish they were in a Satin finish.

Graphic Garden

Exclusive to the website and Harvey Nichols the collection consists of 2 palettes, 2 lip sets and 2 brush set.
The packaging is tacky and cheap looking and the colors are all very close to past releases.
Short Edition brush set are machine made and therefore not good quality, you can really feel the difference between the SE version and the regular single brushes. They may cost more but the regular ones will last you years while the SE ones I got a couple of years ago are now ready for the bin.
The lip set are pretty but not unique and the same goes for the palettes, I guess if you need to get a birthday gift these might be nice but otherwise I'd skip them.


  1. Great post, I'd have to agree, was a bit of a let down this month. I'd hate to think overall how many collections they release a year !

  2. MAC as done nothing but let me down the past couple of months, too many collections realeased to close together.