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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Rouge Bunny Rouge Haul!

I've not broken my make-up no buy, I got this before I imposed that rule on myself, It just took a while for the stuff to get to me cause they were out of stock on one item.

Rouge Bunny Rouge can be purchased at and as been featured on quite a few blogs lately and every ones opinion is pretty much the same, amazing quality products but a little too pricey and I have to agree, I would not have purchased anything at all if it wasn't for the 20% off code that they had last month.
First of all let me take a moment and say that Zuneta customer service is brilliant, I didn't get an order conformation email but I did get one to say that one of my items were out of stock and they were waiting for it to be available again.
When it was back in stock I got an actual phone call from a real person to tell my my order had shipped out that day and that I should receive it the next day, that in itself is amazing as usually a lot of these Internet based companies will only contact you by email.
The products came packaged in a cute box with a ribbon and my good were wrapped in pretty purple tissue paper, again not necessary but a nice touch and they were generous with the samples.
Out of the stuff I got I loved most of it but as with any make-up you buy of the Internet sometimes the colors in real life can be completely different to what you were expecting them to be, this was no exception but really it's no problem at all as Zuneta will let you return any item your not happy with as long as you haven't used it.


GWP of Korres Fig Body Butter and Guava Lip Butter and samples of Hourglass Superficial Lash Mascara and Veil Oil Free Mineral Primer which by the way is amazing and I will definitely be purchasing a full size.

Seas Of Illumination Highlighting Liquid in Sea Of Tranquility, I've not tried this yet as I've been having skin issues and shimmer makes spots look worse, funny thing is I went to swatch the product and the pump is broken, I can't get it out the bottle no matter how many times I press down, I'll have to call them tomorrow.
Hues Of Enchantment Color Burst Lipstick in Know What Lies Are For, a nice basic caramel nude shade, nothing special in color but the formula of these lipsticks is really nice, light on the lips but long lasting and not drying.
Hues Of Enchantment Color Burst Lipstick in Word Of Mouth, again a pretty color but not particularly unique, too much of a soft red to create real impact but I guess that makes it very wearable.
Succulence Of Dew Sheer Lipstick in Fluttering Sighs, OMG do I absolutely love this lipstick! It's the most perfect peach shade shot trough with this lovely golden shimmer, this is the color I was searching for a few months back and couldn't find. This is one of those lipstick that if I should ever finish this tube I would re-purchase immediately.
When Bird Are Singing Long-Lasting Eye Shadow in Unforgettable Oriole, a pale golden flesh toned shadow that makes the perfect all over wash of color as well as an highlighter, kinda reminds me of Stila Kitten.
When Bird Are Singing Long-Lasting Eye Shadow in Delicate Hummingbird, a gorgeous smoky amethyst shade that blends like butter, actually all of the eye shadow seem to blend with very little effort these are the one item from RBR that I would recommend and think they are worth the £22 price tag.
When Bird Are Singing Long-Lasting Eye Shadow in Volcano Fairy-Wren, looks like any other sparkly black shade at first but it's actually more of a charcoal shade with very fine shimmer, I could actually get rid of all my other black/charcoal shadows an just keep this one and I would be perfectly happy.
Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss in Crisp Sorbet, I love the lasting power of this gloss and the feel of it on my lips, quite thick but more of a balm texture, the color is pretty but not very pigmented, I still like it a lot tough.



Things I got and have to send back: a lipstick in Inscribed In Sheets as it's too similar too Know What Lies Are For, a Glassy Gloss in Frappe Forever and a Lip Gloss in Coy cause I have something similar and the Lip Potion and one of the Decadent Duos cause they are way too small in size for the price I paid for them that I simply refuse too keep them.

I do recommend you all check this brand out, especially the eye shadows, I personally will buy again from Rouge Bunny Rouge but only if there's a discount code going. I will definitely use Zuneta again, they carry Korres which I adore and I wanna try more from Hourglass.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Benefit FREE Powderflage Offer!

Benefit have an amazing offer at the moment were if you buy two product you get a FREE full size Powderflage Powder Concealer, amazing considering it retails at £19.50.
I needed to return some perfume I'd bought to many back-ups of so I decided to turn my refund into an exchange, I got Hoola Bronzing Powder and a Velvet Eye Shadow in Fawn Over Me.


Hoola is a matte bronzer completely devoid of even the slightest hint of orange, it's actually the most flattering shade of bronzer I've come across but I find it streaks on me and it's hard to blend.
I have a feeling it's cause of the foundation I'm using and not because of the actual product it's self, I''ll be putting it to test with other foundations and report back.
Fawn Over Me is a nice light taupe with a slight gold base to it, it pretty but not particularly unique. The formula is gorgeous, very smooth and buttery and the pigmentation is amazing.
I haven't tried the Powderflage yet but I've heard good reviews, having said that my sister uses it and said it's nothing special but she's not a lover of powders in general.
I have a similar product from Bare Escentuals and actually really like it, so we shall see.

Friday, 9 October 2009

MAC Style Black, DSquared & Dazzleglass Creme Haul

My small collective MAC Haul, I would have bought more but I'm trying to cut down on the spending.
I've included swatches this time.

MAC Style Black

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask
Greasepaint Stick in Black
Glimmerglass in Blackfire
Dazzleglass Creme Creme Allure
Lipstick in Nude Rose
Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline

MAC Style Black Swatches

From top to bottom:

Greasepaint Stick in Black
Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline
Glimmerglass in Blackfire
Dazzleglass Creme Creme Allure
Lipstick in Nude Rose

MAC Style Black, DSquared2 and Dazzleglass Creme

Like I said in my last MAC release/review post I've been disappointed with the collections they have been putting out lately, nothing as really grabbed my attention and it's all been boring and unoriginal.
I knew by just looking at the promo images of Style Black that I would absolutely love it and that I would end up getting a few things, black is one of my favourite colors and I absolutely love the way MAC as managed to create an entire collection based on it.
DSquared2 is nice but most of it is repromotes and as for Dazzleglass Creme I could have past on it entirely and not cared.
Trend F/W09 and Zoom Fast Black Lash haven't been realeased yet in the UK so I can't give my opinion on those.

Anyways on to the actual collection breakdown:

Style Black

I loved most of this collection and if it hadn't have been for the fact that I've bought so much make-up lately I would have got more, even my sister loved it and she's hard to impress.

The eye stuff is gorgeous but I passed on most of it as they were other thing that had to take priority, I really liked the mineralize eye shadows, very sparkly and quite pigmented, the Cream Color Bases are pro items so I can get them at a later date if I want to, Smolder eye Kohl is permanent, the Penultimate eye liner is rubbish as it dries out real fast so the only thing I got is the GreasePaint Stick. I've only tried it on the back of my hand so far and I love the texture, it's so creamy it just glides on however I don't know yet how well it will wear and if it will crease or not, we shall see.

The lipsticks were all very bold and as much as I whish I could wear black on the lips I know I wouldn't be able to pull it off, the sister wanted Night Violet but by the time I went back to get it it had sold out :(
I was kinda dissapointed with the Glimmerglass, I got Blackfire and while I love the fact it's sheer I was expecting the shimmer to show up more and the nail polishes were nice but again I passed on them as I have laods.

The standout of the collection is the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and Thermal Mask, I actually like MAC skincare in general as I find it's very basic and doesn't aggrevate my skin and these are no exeption.The exfoliator is very nice, the particles are quite large but I don't find they tear my skin or leave it raw like some do and it does leave skin feeling very smooth. The mask heats up when it touches damp skin, it does get quite warm and it's almost like you can feel it sucking up all the dirt and oil out of your pores. I've found they are a little drying but as long as I put my moisturised on afterwards it's okay, the only thing I'm not keen on is the scent, I can't even think of what it smells like but I can't say I'm keen. I got two of each as I wanted to stock up but I've had to give a set to my sister as she wanted them too but forgot to tell me to pick some up for her on release day and they have now sold out.


A nice collection but I would have prefered less repromotes, I only got Nude Rose lipstick and a backup of Feline Kohl Power eye pencil.
The Greasepaint Sticks were nice but if you get the one from Style Black you don't need the others in my opinion.
I hated the Sculpt and Shape powders the first time round and I still don't like them, there are better products out there to shade and highlight your face.
The 165 Tapered Cheek/Highlight brush is one of my favourites and for me it's a must have and so is the Feline Eye Kohl, I love how dark it is and it smudges really nicely if you want a smokey look, infact this one is a back-up.
I liked both of the lipsticks but I had to limit myself to one, I got Nude Rose and it's pretty but nothing special and quite sheer actually, Blood Red is actually more pink and again not particularly unique.
The Tinted Lip Conditioner and Clear Gloss are permanent and so is the Lip Erase even if only at the Pro Store.

Dazzleglass creme

These are supposed to be a creamier version of the regular dazzleglass,however I just find them to be too thick and heavy and while I love sticky glosses(cause they last longer) these are way to tacky.
Looking on the MAC website there were at least 4 that I had my eye on but when I looked at them in person the only one I liked was Creme Allure, a bright blue based pink that goes on quite sheer, pretty but the texture is awful and mine came with a dodgy brush.
I could have easily passed on this collection.