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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Makeup In The Workplace and Reasons Why I Wear It!

This post is sort of gonna be a rant about a couple of things that have been bugging me lately and I want to share it with you all so that I can get some feedback because I cannot be the only one that feels this way.

Let me just begin by saying I am not bashing the company I work for (I'm a concession) but rather a well known department store in the UK.
I've worked for this particular department store in the past and I can honestly say I hated it, not only do they operate in an old-fashioned manner but they also pick on you on a personal level.

Recently a girl I work with had to swap to said store for a little while to cover someones shifts but on her return I found out that the floor managment had said that they wouldn't want her over again as she was not to their standard.
By this they mean she didn't dress smart enough for them and didn't wear enough make-up however the store she works in normally as no problem with her, she's not scruffy and does wear makeup but likes it to look as natural as possible, basically she doesn't look like your typical cosmetic counter girl.
I had the exact same problem when I worked for them a few years back, I'd had a Microdermabrasion treatment done and couldn't wear anything on my face for a couple of days cause my skin was so dry it was flaking off and they reported me to managment,shortly after that I got moved to another deparment store.

If you think that's bad then try and get you head around this one.

One of the othere girls who used to work there (funny how they all get sent to us in the end) got told off for wearing too much makeup and that she should tone it down.

Hand on a second, first your not wearing enough then your wearing to much, make you minds up people!
It's up to the individual how much makeup they want to wear and as long as they look tidy and presentable it shouldn't be an issue.

I've lost count how many times I've walked into the cosmetic section of a department store and seen certain sales assistant caked in so much badly applied make-up you could scrape it off and build an house, rather than make me buy something it makes me run a mile.
Those type of sales assistants are also usually the ones who look at you as if to say "you can't afford none of this shit, what are you doing in here" just because you dressed down for the day.
Painting your face like a clown does not make you sell more because if your bitch to me I'm buying nothing from you and I'm going elsewere, I could't give shit what you look like, I'd much rather spend my money with the girl who's makeup-less but friendly and helpfull.

Now I'm not saying I hate people who wear loads of make-up because I don't, I wear quite a lot myself even on a "bare" day but it's well applied and done for my benefit only.
This brings me to my second issue of why people feel the need to ask me if I'm trying to impress someone on the days were I'm wearing a stronger look.
I've literally lost count of how many times I've had stupid comments or questions relating to a particular look I've done on myself that morning.

Couple of examples:

Example number 1 - A nice lady who hadn't seen me in a while had the following conversation with me.
Nice Lady: Don't you look pretty today, who are you trying to impress?
Me: (blank confused stare) I'm sorry what do you mean?
Nice Lady: Girls only put that much make up on if they are trying to impress a man.
Me: Actually no, there's no one, I just felt like wearing my makeup this way today.
I then had to explain repetedly to the lady how I happened to have had more time that morning and how my makeup varies with my mood and that it had nothing to do with me trying to impress a bloke but I still don't think she belived me.

Example number 2 - This is probably the stupidest one but also the one I get the most of and that would be the red lipstick. I can guarantee every single time I wear red lipstick someone will question me if I'm doing it to impress a man and not because I simply felt like it, not to mention the amount of times certain customers have felt the need to mutter the words "slut" or "slapper" under their breath.

I do my makeup for ME!! No one else, I couldn't care less what people think and if they don't approve what I'm wear I really couldn't care less.
I still cannot believe there are women out there who do feel the need to wear makeup in order to impress a man or to compete with each other on who's the prettiest and it kind of saddens me that they are so insecure about the way they look.

Please comment and let me know what all your thoughts on the subject.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Twilight Saga New Moon - My Thoughts on the Movie


I've really been looking forward to watching New Moon and finally got a chance to do so tonight and now that I have I'm a little disappointed.

Don't get me wrong I don't hate it but it just felt a little bit amateur, parts of it were clumsily done and I don't feel the director brought out the best in the actors.
In parts it was extremely cheesy (Alice's vision of Bella turning into a vampire for example) and a found myself, and most of the other viewers giggling at parts that were not meant to be funny.

Special effect were mixed, while the parts with the wolves were brilliantly executed and created a realistic vision of what a giant angry wolf should look like they seemed to struggle with the green screen in the more simpler scenes, whatch it and you'll know what I mean.
Sparkling Edward is back (didn't look good the first time and the second round is no better) and he's brought a friend who my sister like to call "Eggward".
This is probably the stupidest thing in the movie, in the fight with the Volturi Edwards gets slammed to the ground and his cheek forms a crack in it only for it to heal seconds later, I have one question, why? Skin that looks and feels like marble, check, skin that cracks and then magically seals itself back together, err no.

Last but not least the make-up, who the hell decided to make The Cullens look so scary? The super white foundation that kinda makes the look a little grey, the super red lips, and the freaky orange contacts they wear, it's like they looked at Twilight and kicked it up a notch and not in a good way.

Enough of the bad parts and on to the good parts.

The breakup scene was perfect, they really couldn't have done a better job, so were all the scenes with the wolves and the scene in the cinema.
Ashley Green's perfomance as Alice was spot on, (it always is) and Taylor Lautner was excellent as Jacob (and not just because he looks amazing).
The Volturi were just as I'd immagined them to be, very creepy and Jane is the scariest of them all.

All in all I prefer Twilight but I can't say I'm suprised, New Moon is also my least favourite book out of the saga but I was hoping the movie would change my mind.

One thing that did surprise me is that by the end of the movie I'd swapped teams, I've always very much been Team Edward all the way, I've read all 4 books and always felt Bella was better suited to him but having watched New Moon I've swapped my vote to Team Jacob.
So I'm gonna end this with a question.
Which team are you and as it changed after watching New Moon?

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Illamasqua Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is approacing fast, there's little more than 3 week left and I've barely even started doing my shopping. I've had trouble deciding what to get people as there's so much out there too choose from and what I love isn't always gonna be what everyone else likes.
When it comes down to picking out the perfect perfume or cosmetics gift for someone it's even harder, however I think you would have an hard time finding someone who wouldn't apreciate what Illamasqua as on offer this year.

I know I'm probably late with this and most of you may have already saw them but they were only brought to my attention a few days ago and I immidiately fell in love with all of them.

The Limited Edition Christmas Boxes are gorgeous, I like them both and would make an excellent present for anyone. I like that both of the kits can be tailored to each individual to create a simple daytime look by using the pigment and liner or kicked up a notch for the evening by including the liquid metal and lashes.

The Gold Goddess box contains Liquid metal in Solstice, Pure Pigment in Furore, False Lashes in 19 and the Medium Pencil in Sophie.

The Silver Seductress box contains Liquid metal in Phenomena,Pure Pigment in Android, False Lashes in 19 and the Medium Pencil in Sophie.

With each sale of these boxes Illamasqua donates £3 to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation so your helping a good cause.
For more information please visit

Another thing that I'm absolutely loving are the new Limited Edition Birthday Lashes, these are without a doubt the most glam lashes I've ever come across and are perfect for the party season.
They are expensive but if well cared for they should last ages, deffinitley one to put on my wish list.

The Opulence Lashes - Gold Crystals

The Decadence Lashes - Silver Crytals

Last but not least are the Pantomime Nail Duos, these are a set of two polishes that compliment each other, one is a rich solid base color the other a glitter to be worn on top.

Boo!/Baptiste - Violet/Blue Glitter

Hiss!/Boosh - Red/Pink/Gold Glitter

For more information and were to buy the products visit