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Monday, 24 August 2009

Illamasqua Dystopia.

So as a lot of you have probably already seen Illamasqua is launching their Autumn/Winter callection and it gonna be called Dystopia.

The collection was inspired by Fritz Lang’s 1927 masterpiece ‘Metropolis’. This iconic film explored the civil unrest that was being felt by society in the 1920s, and translated it into a metaphorical futuristic urban city, a city of Dystopia – the opposite of Utopia – mysterious, edgy and sinister.

Illamasqua as been very nice and organized an event for all us bloggers to attend to and preview the collection in the flesh before it goes on sale.

The wonderful Alex Box is gonna be there which is gonna be amazing in it's self, she'll be doing a demonstation on the new products, including the fabolous new silver Liquid Metal called Phenomena.

I personally cannot contain my excitement, I've only just recently got into Illamasqua and I'm completely amazed at all their products so I'm really looking forward to seing the new collection and to meet all the other bloggers.