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Monday, 14 September 2009

I'm now a Brunette!

I no longer have red hair and I can say I'm much more happier with it being dark, the red was visably fading within two washes and the maintanance was too much.
It turned out darker than I anticipated but I'm actually glad it did, I think it really suits me, it matches my eyebrows and I can wear pretty much any color without worrying about it clashing.

My old copper red hair:

Copper Red Hair

My new shiny dark chocolate brown hair:

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair


  1. Ooh it suits you! I think I prefer it to the red, though both are pretty against your skintone :) x

  2. I agree, that really suits you, looks really pretty and glossy.

  3. Thanks for the comments girls, it's actually faded a little now to a slightly warmer brown but I'm loving not having to worry about what make-up I can and can't wear, plus it feels and looks a lot healtier too.