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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bad Sales Assistant Rant!!

So the other day I made my way over to the Laura Mercier counter in Selfridges to check out the Silk Creme Foundation as I'd heard good things about it, I found the testers and located 2 shades that could possibly work with my skin colouring and proceeded to place a drop of each on my wrist to check which one suited me the best. Obviously it would have been a lot better if I could have tried it on my face but there was no mirror and the 2 sales assistants who worked there were pretending they hadn't saw me.

I asked the one closest to me which one would suit me best and she replied "the pinkier one would suit you best because your pale". I cannot tell you how many times I've heard that statement and how much it annoys me because I don't have a single trace of pink in my skin, yes I'm pale but my skin is very yellow based and I have no desire to place pink foundation on top of it so I can look flushed the whole day.
Pale skin does not equal pink, it comes in all different undertones!

She handed me the bottle back and proceeded to resume her conversation with her colleague, rude bitch never even attempted to swatch the foundation on my skin. I'm your potential customer, therefore money in the till and since this time of the year is quiet you would think they would be glad of the sale but she was far more interested in discussing what she was up to on the weekend. WTF if you can't be arsed to do your job properly then maybe, just maybe it's time to look for a new one!!

Now clearly I'd made my mind up that there's no fucking way I'm giving these arseholes my money even if the foundation turned out to be amazeballs, so the idea is to get a sample and buy the foundation online if I end up liking it.

Did they give me a sample? Yes but only after they looked m up and down and huffed and puffed the whole way trough it. What is you problem? No wonder that counter is always dead because if this is their attitude with everyone then I'm not surprised. It's a fucking sample and guess what it's not coming out of your wages if you give me one, if I'm gonna pay £33 on a foundation I want to be sure it suits me especially when you can't be bothered to check the colour match properly in the first place!!

I was fuming when I left the counter and I had to question myself why do some sales assistants behave this way? You work for an higher end prestige skincare and make-up brand but that doesn't make you fancy, you don't own the company, you are still retail and your job is to serve the customer and do it with a smile even if your having a bad day, I mean that what you are getting paid for! Might I recommend a job were you don't have to deal with people!

I know some people come in week after week to just get samples (I work in retail too, we all have them) but don't act like you've stepped in shit when someone is genuinely interested in your products and don't moan afterwards that you've had a bad day and taken no money cause it's your crappy attitude that's caused it.

BTW the foundation sucked in more ways than one, my face was left so dry that I had to go out and buy a thicker moisturiser and it was super cakey and felt heavy on my skin.

Have any of you had bad experiences at a counter and if so which one was it (come on, we all want to know) and what happened?


  1. Yep I totally understand exactly what you mean! If I was you I would totally make a complaint outlining what you experienced to their head office , I'm sure the girls would be much less likely to 'discuss their weekend plans' Lol x

  2. I thought of complaining but in reality it will probably get ignored, Selfridges customer service as a whole is generally quite bad in my opinion anyways, it makes me not want to shop there.