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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Review

I'm pretty sure that all of you by now have heard about Revlon's new Lip Butters and how amazing they are, now usually when there is so much hype around a product I find I'm let down but not in this case, they are the best lip product I've ever tried!!

They don't officially release in the UK until the 14th of March (my birthday, thanks Revlon) so if your impatient like me you're going to have to get them of ebay, the seller I used onelasttouch as the whole selection of shades and delivery was super fast.

The two I got are: Strawberry Shortcake, a medium neutral pink & Red Velvet, a dark blood red but I liked most of the shades and will be getting more.

These are essentially marketed as a tinted lip balm but I would say a sheer, moisturising lipstick is a more fitting description. They provide a sheer, juicy slick of colour and a moisturising feel while still feeling light and non greasy.
They are also fragrance free which I think is a bonus.

One negative point is that they are incredibly soft so the tube can get quite messy but it's something I can live with because the actual product is great.

If you suffer with dry lips but love wearing colour on them like me than you will adore this product  and should rush out and buy some when they are released next month as I predict these will sell out fast!


  1. They do sound really good, even with the softness. I've not seen them out in stores yet but I'll be sure to grab some when I do :)

  2. There's as been a bit of an issue with the availability of these in the UK, I practically stalked my local Boots for the past week and finally today the had most of the shades in stock so I got a few more of the ones I wanted.
    I also noticed that we didn't get the full shade range like they did in the US, were missing a few :(