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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New Hair Color!

I haven't had my hair professionally dyed since end of February quite simply because I've been topping up my shade with Special Effects hair dye.
Because the Special Effect won't take on hair that hasn't been previously bleached or permanently dyed I was left with a couple of inches of regrowth even tough the rest was still red.
So I guess you can see why I was in dire need of a color, I decided I wanted something warmer for summer than the cool based red I had all during winter, I'd debated about going back to blonde but I don't think it suits me and I do love red so my hairdresser reccomended copper and I love it.
She did a darker copper base with brighter, lighter copper highlights that are still quite subtle as she placed them underneath the top layers of my hair.

Here's a picture:


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