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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Natural Collection Review

Let me begin by saying I will NEVER purchase anything from Natual Collection again, EVER.

Natural Colection is a Boots own brand aimed in my opinion to young girls,fun light girly colors and the products are cheap and more often than not on 3 for 2 or 3 for £5.

Packaging is cheap and flimsy looking (you get what you pay for on this occasion) but I'm prepared to overlook that fact if the product itself performs well, however it doesn't.

The lipgloss is the most gorgeous shade of nude peach I'll ever come acroos but as the lasting power of water, feels gritty on my lips, is extra drying, leaves a white residue when it wears off and as this wierd artificial sweatener taste to it that I can't bear.
Honestly this is probably the worst gloss I've ever encountered, and it's such a shame cause the shade of it is truly lovely.

The lipstick is no better, for a product marketed as "moisture shine" it's neither moisturising or shiny.
The color is a light pinky nude but goes on lighter than the tube and the texture is dry and heavy and it applies unevenly, it will settle in every line and make your lips look dry even if they are not, a balm underneath does not help the problem it just decreases the lasting power and it's not great to begin with. I'm lucky if this lasts 20 minutes before it's gone and all I want to do after I've worn it is moisturise my lips cause they feel like rough and dehydrated.

These were a complete waste of £5 and I'm annoyed that I bought them, I actually wouldn't rather go without makeup if this was all that I could use.

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