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Monday, 29 June 2009

Barry M Lip Paints Review

Barry M as recently released 4 new pink shades and I absolutely love them.
The colors are Peachy Pink, Dolly Pink, Punky Pink and Cerise Pink.

Back in April I reviewed Barry M lip paints and was not impressed with them mainly because of the texture being dry and the colors being unwearable for me.
But having tried the new ones I feel I judged the lip paints a little harshly, I still don't like Marshmellow or Baby Pink and I don't think my opinion on those too will ever change, Palest Lavender is okay but lasting power means I wouldn't re-purchase.

I don't know if they changed the formula or what but the new ones are gorgeous, they go on smooth, pigmentation is amazing, they aren't drying and the colors are really flattering.

I got 3 of the 4 new colors, Punky Pink and Cerise Pink are to alike for me to wanna get both and Cerise Pink is something I would wear more in the winter.

#147 Peachy Pink is just like the name implies, slightly more on the peach side than pink, it's probably the most wearable of the bunch and the only one that's matte in texture however it isn't drying.

#146 Dolly Pink is a medium bright cool pink that is sort of along the lines of MAC Saint Germain but a little deeper and not as loud. Saint Germain is one of my favourite lipsticks but I have to say I prefer Dolly Pink cause it's easier to wear.

#145 Punky Pink is a bright hot pink that's similar to MAC's Girl About Town in both color and texture. Looks great for summer paired with a nude eye and lightly flushed pink cheeks.

#144 Cerise Pink is a deep raspberry shade and only a shade darker than Punky Pink which stopped me from buying it.

I would reccomend to anyone who is looking into buying a lip paint to go and test them first, they are not labeled according to finish and texture and belive me they differ greatly.

I really hope in the future Barry M will release more color as long as the quality is on par with these.

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  1. Peachy Pink sounds great! Thanks for the reviews =)