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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Korres Ginger and Vitamins Foundation Review

This is a review on the Korres Ginger and Vitamins Foundation, it comes in a 40ml tube and retails for £17.50.

From the box: Lightweight, water-based foundation that balances skin tone and leaves the skin fresh and luminous. Smooth to aplly and easy to blend, it combines medium coverage with sun protection. Enritched with vitamins C and E and Ginger extract to tone and moisturise the skin.

First of all lets get the packiging out of the way, yes you know what I'm gonna say, it comes in a bloody toothpaste tube, please Korres if your reading this CHANGE YOUR PACKIGING! it's so not travel friendly and I'm so scared it will burst in my make-up bag.
Having say that the product itself doesn't dissapoint and it makes a fantastic light and dewy foundation.
The box describes it as medium coverage however I would actually describe it as sheer to medium, buildable coverage, for example if I use my MAC 109 brush I find the coverage it gives me is just as good as the Wild Rose, but the finish is completely different.
Wild Rose as a luminous satin finish this is more of a fresh and dewy finish, it looks more moist and glowy kinda similar to how a tinted moisturiser looks.
This is a really nice summer foundation, it's extremely natural but still covers minor imperfections and if I set it with a powder I find it lasts about 8 hours before I need a touch-up, it's a lot more moisturising that the Wild Rose in my opinion and it does so without turning into a oil slick by noon.
I did not have a problem with the undertone of this one, shade LF1 is a perfect match,much more yellow based than the lightest shade in the Wild Rose.
Now there are some bad points, first is the smell, I can't even describe what it's like but it's not pleasant however it does fade really fast,secondly is it's SPF of 10.
I would have like to see this with an SPF of 20 like the Wild Rose as I'm more likely to use this in sunnier weather as I like the ultra natural finish it give.
While I still prefer the Wild Rose I do think this is a great foundation to have too, this will replace my tinted moisturiser this summer and I shal very much enjoy using it.

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