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Sunday, 28 June 2009

20 Questions Tag

This tag as been doing it's round and even though no ones tagged me I'm still gonna do it.

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?
My handbag, I could technically leave the house without it but I wouldn't get very far, both my bus pass and purse are in there and I can't get to work without either one of those.

2. Favourite brand of Make-Up?
Hard to narrow it down to one as I have favourites items from lots of different brands but it would probably be YSL for high end and GOSH for drugstore.

3. Favourite flower?
Rose or Freesia.

4. Favourite clothing store?
H&M for affordable basics and Miss Selfridge for their petite range.
I also like New Look and Top Shop.

5. Favourite perfume?
At the moment it's Gucci's Flora.

6 Heels or Flats?
I love the look of heels but I can't walk in them so I'd have to go for flats.

7. Do you make good grades?
I didn't make good grades at school but I guess I didn't really try. I did well at college, I did all my coursework and handed it in on time and passed but that's because I wanted my qualification.

8. Favourite color
Pink obviously, but I do like coral, red and black also.

9. Do you drink energy drinks?
Yes but I don't like to, they are full of sugar and some of them leave an aftertaste.
However they do give you a caffeine boost which is good if your addicted to it.

10. Do you drink juice?
Yes, my favourites are orange, guava and lychee.

11. Do you like swimming?
No cause I can't swim, I'll splash around in a pool or even the sea as long as the water isn't deep but I can't actually swim no matter how many people try to teach me.

12.Do you eat fries with a fork?
No, who does?

13. Favourite moisturiser?
For the face Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream and for the body Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt.

14. Do you wanna get married later on in life?
No, I can't see myself ever getting married, you can live and be happy with someone for all eternity without needing it written on legally binding papers.

15. Do you get mad easily?
Yes extremely easily but for stupid reasons, the things that should get me mad don't and the one's that shouldn't do.

16. Are you into ghost hunting?
Yes, all the time, in fact I'm off ghost hunting right now. Come on what kind of a question is that of course I don't go ghost hunting.

17. Any phobias?
Spiders, if I see one that bigger than a grain of rice I will scream the place down and get someone else to get rid off it.

18. Do you bite your nails?
No it's such a disgusting habit.

19.Have you ever had a near death experience?
No and touch wood I never will.

20. Do you drink Coffee?
I can't live without coffee. If I don't have my morning cup of coffee I can't function properly. I'm not fussed on what type it is either I like my latte's just as much as I would enjoy an espresso.

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