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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Essie FiJi - Swatch and Review

Essie isn't a brand I really go for as I've had a couple of their products in the past and hated them, however I've seen so many people rave about them that I decided to give the brand another go.

Fiji is a lovely milky, pale pink creme that looks gorgeous on both pale and tan skins but it's streaked like mad.

I found it really hard to get a smooth, even finish, what you see is three coats and even then it still looked streaky until I put on top coat.
It dried super fast, much faster than any other brand of polish and I've tried quite a few.

Day Light

Direct Sun Light

Artificial Light

I've found with Essie polishes the texture can be it and miss, some shades paint like a dream others are a thick, streaky mess. Despite the slight application problem I think Fiji is worth it as it's a gorgeous color.

I'm off to a Trade Only show tomorrow and plan on getting a few more shades from Essie so I'm gonna ask you guys what do you recommend? Are they any must have shades I should buy?


  1. That's definitely the color I want! It's so pretty =D