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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Liz Jones, at it again!!

You may not be familiar with who Liz Jones is, congratulations you can consider yourself lucky! 
Unfortunately her penchant for writing useless drivel for the Daily Mail often makes front news so imagine my surprise (I'm being sarcastic if you hadn't noticed) when I check my twitter this weekend and find loads of tweets about the most recent article she's written.

I will link the article here but if you cannot be bothered to read it I will quickly summarise it for you: 
a bunch of very beautiful celebrity women have gone "BearFaced" for Children In Need and Liz Jones being an insecure, pathetic excuse of a woman as bashed them for not really being make-up free and for the use of an air brush, apparently no woman looks like that without make-up!

Personally having seen the pictures I do not think for a second that any of the celebrities were airbrushed but if they have been then in this instance lets look at the bigger picture, it's for charity who the hell cares! 
Believe it or not dear Liz but women can look good without a single scrap of slap, just because you don't you find it impossible to get your head around, problem is make-up can only go so far and you look like a pillow of dough with a mouth and skin of a tortoise and eyes like currants (her words not mine). 
I'm sure Liz is correct when she says that some of these celebrities have had lash extensions and plumping injections but Liz you've had a face lift, yes you read correct a FACE LIFT, pot calling the kettle black.

She goes on to say that some thing are meant to be smoothed over, covered up, lied about and that there are far too many women who don't wear make-up to work already, don't encourage more! 
I'm lost for words, how can you go around telling people that you'r basically unattractive if you don't cake your face in 10 layers of product.
I find it hilarious that you Liz Jones who as battled with an eating disorder in the past can sit there and promote such crap, in fact lets face it you should not be in a position to judge image at all as you clearly have a very warped outlook of the female species.
You have claimed that you found your own appearance ugly and you hare projecting you own insecurities onto other women, it all boils down to jealousy. 
Here's an idea stop judging other people and work on that nasty personality of yours!!

She claims that this whole idea of "bare faced beauty"is enslavement to a bogus male idea of beauty were we supposed to look "fresh out the shower". WTF are you on drugs? Actually scrap that you're far to boring and middle aged for that (again her words not mine, different article).
Let me tell you most men are not very observant when it comes to what make-up you have or don't have on and in the long run don't give a shit either, most of them are "scared" of the junk we put on our faces and prefer the less is more approach. I don't understand how you can class this as a bad thing, how are we conforming to a bogus male idea of beauty by wearing less make-up when really all it says about them is that they love your appearance just as you are.  

What you are saying is that all women are unattractive without the optical illusion of make-up and anyone who is beautiful bare faced is lying about it, Liz Jones do me and everyone else a favour and work on yourself before you judge others.

Beauty is only skin deep, everyones looks will go one day or the other but a bad attitude and ugly personality is far worse. 

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