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Thursday, 4 February 2010

January: The Good & The Bad

This is gonna be short and sweet as I've been doing Project 10 Pan so I haven't been able to buy new stuff so my favourites are gonna be pretty much the same as last month with the addition of a few new items.

The Good

MAC Feelin' Good Tinted Lip Conditioner - The prettiest color I've seen in a long while, gives a lovely nude pink sheen and it's very moisturising.

MAC Mineralize All Over Lotion - Now that I've finished the Moisturelush I can go on to using this, it's a bit lighter in feel but equally as moisturising and I absolutely love it.

Diorskin Nude Foundation - I only have a little of this left so I'm trying to use it up, this is my staple summer foundation and one I will re-purchase once I'm out of it.

The Body Shop Yes Yes Yes Lip Butter - Great for toning down the natural pigmentation in my lips or for toning down bright colors, can be a little drying but I love it none the less.

The Bad

YSL Faux Cils False Lash Effect Mascara - I've been using this on and off for about 6years and I've always loved it, the new tube I got simply didn't do it for me this time round, it still works the same as it used to but I prefer the effect of L'Oreal Voluminous.

Me not being able to attend IMATS - I really wanted to go so I could get my hands on some Yaby palettes, MakeUP ForEver and especially the OCC Lip Tars, sadly I was working and there was no way for me to get the day off :(

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  1. bummer you had to work :(

    I love reading these lists :D